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Garden of the Gods - 0006

This time the workshop was in Boulder Colorado, then I had a tiny house photoshoot in Colorado Springs. I see a pattern in my life! About half of those shots were taken with the Sony A7r while other half with the Sony RX100 III. Can you tell…

Colorado Springs



Minneapolis - 0014

Yet on another workshop trip, I was able to visit Minneapolis. This was my first trip with the Sony A7s and some old M-mount lenses. Made me fall back in love with photography! I have been shooting the A7r for a little bit, and even though…

The Streets of Minneapolis

Asheville - 0010

This blog has been neglected, yes. That’s because I’ve been too busy with the tiny house project! Anyhow, I was in Asheville NC and Charlotte not too long ago to host a tiny house workshop and was able to go explore a little. Here are…

Visiting Asheville

Right Wall Sheathing - 0603

Hello visitor, I am writing this short post to tell you that this photoblog will not be regularly updated as most of my time is currently focused on a different project. Jenna and I are building a Tiny House on wheels to travel the country…

Tiny House Giant Journey

The return crew

Well, it’s about that time. We are just about ready to leave Hawaii to Los Angeles, right after breakfast. We will be sailing from Honolulu to Long Beach and will be out at sea for 15 days. On the menu: – Sailing about 3,000 miles…

Sailing across the Pacific

My brain is still frying from trying to figure out what is going on in every one of those shots. The video starts strong and keeps getting better / crazier. I think my mind was blown at 1:22. Where’s my Advil?

Mirror City Timelapse